About Us

Naqsh, a name that resonates with the essence of creativity and artistry, is a
beautiful recognition to the concept of ‘Design’. Where every stroke and curve
is a testament to the creator’s vision. We elevate your journey into opulence by
crafting bespoke products that resonate with your individuality.
At Naqsh Living, we understand that your home is an extension of your
personality. That’s why we meticulously customize dinnerware to harmonize
with the unique ambiance and aesthetic of your space. With Naqsh Living,
you’re not just acquiring dinnerware; you’re curating a collection of exclusive
pieces that tell your story.


Which items can be personalized?

Per piece but in a minimum order quantity. You can refer to our blog post for more information

Does Bespovia offer customization?

Yes, Bespovia customizes your luxury product according to your preference. You can refer to our blog post for more information.

Can I return items that are personalized?

Personalized items are final sale and cannot be canceled, modified, or returned

How many days does customization take place?

Customization may depend on the type of customization requested by the customer

How do I take care of my luxury tableware items?