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Begum Collection - Dinner Set (22pc)

Begum Collection - Dinner Set (22pc)

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The definition of royalty meets rich ornamentations. Give your guest a royal experience with the elements of floral design in red and royal blue hues richly embellished with a gold-plated finish.

Consist a set of 6 Dinner Plates, 6 Side Plates, 6 Round Katoris, 1 Serving bowl with lid, 1 Large Serving bowl, 1 Small Serving bowl and 1 Oval Platter.



Set of 22 -
Dinner plates - 6 (27cm āœ• 2.5cm)
Side Plates - 6 (20.8cm āœ• 2.5cm)
Katori - 6 (10 cms / Ht. 4.4cm)
Serving Bowl - 2 (16 cms (580ml) and 20 cms (900ml)
Serving Bowl with Lid - 1 (16.5cm x 11.8cm)
Platter - 1 (32cm x 20.2cm x 2.8cm)

Material: Porcelain accented with 24 carat gold.


Actual colors of the product may slightly vary from the pictures.
Not dishwasher friendly, hand wash recommended.
Not to be used in the microwave.

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