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Lavendula Collection - Tea Set

Lavendula Collection - Tea Set

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The Lavendula Tea Set envisions a tea set that is a masterpiece of French artistry. Each piece is a delicate narrative woven in classic white and blue, edged with golden rims that catches the light like the morning sun on the Seine. This tea set doesn’t just serve a beverage; it offers an experience, an authentic sip of France, where every cup is a story and every pattern a slice of history. It’s not just a tea set; it’s a conversation with the past, held in the palm of your hand.



Set of 12 : 4 cups (310 ml) + 4 saucers + 1 tea pot (620 ml) + 1 sugar pot + 1 creamer
Material: Bone China accented with 24 carat gold.


Actual colors of the product may slightly vary from the pictures.
Not dishwasher friendly, hand wash recommended.
Not to be used in the microwave.

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