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Lilium Collection - Cup and Saucer (2pc)

Lilium Collection - Cup and Saucer (2pc)

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Lilium's cup and saucer is crafted with the utmost care, the set features a soft pink hue that gently transitions from the base to the rim, reminiscent of the subtle gradients found in a lily’s petals. The cup and saucer boast a sleek, modern silhouette that allows the lily-inspired design to take center stage. The rims are adorned with a fine platinum plating, offering a luxurious contrast to the pink porcelain


Set of 2 : 2 cups (200ml) + 2 saucers
Material: Porcelain accented with Platinum Plating.
Not dishwasher friendly, hand wash recommended.
Not to be used in the microwave.


Actual colors of the product may slightly vary from the pictures.

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