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Lilium Collection - Serving Bowl (2pc)

Lilium Collection - Serving Bowl (2pc)

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Meticulously crafted, each detail is a testament to the integrity of color and design. The palette of pink and royal blue is not just a choice—it’s a statement of elegance and trust. The smaller bowl is a visual metaphor for a budding Lilium, encapsulating the anticipation of a flower on the verge of bloom. As it transitions to the larger bowl, the design unfolds into the splendor of a fully blossomed Lilium, symbolizing growth and the beauty of nature’s cycles. Together, they represent a harmonious journey from inception to fruition, celebrating the very essence of life and rebirth.


Set of 2 serving bowls : medium and large
Dimensions : 20.2 cm ✕ 8.1 cm
Material: Porcelain accented with Platium Plating.
Not dishwasher friendly, hand wash recommended.
Not to be used in the microwave.


Actual colors of the product may slightly vary from the pictures.

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