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Oman Collection - Katori (2pc)

Oman Collection - Katori (2pc)

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The Oman Katori consists of two elegantly crafted bowls. The floral designs are interwoven with serene teal blue hues that capture the tranquil expanse of vintage luxury, which is harmoniously depicted within each bowl. Embellished with a golden pattern that exudes opulence, these Katoris are not just vessels for food; they are an invitation to a luxurious seaside escape, right at your dining table.

Pair the Oman Katori with our Oman plates, serving bowls, platter and handi for the perfect gift.

    Host every gathering in style with our luxurious tableware. We have designs for every season and occasion.


    24K gold
    Available in a set of 2
    Dimensions : 10 cms / Ht. 4.4cm
    Material: Porcelain
    Not dishwasher friendly, hand wash recommended
    Not to be used in the microwave


    Actual product colours may slightly vary from the pictures.

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