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Power- White Wine Goblet Glass (6pc)

Power- White Wine Goblet Glass (6pc)

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The Power collection entices purity, and neatness, polished in it's own expressive form. The wine glass gives a small amount of maximum breathing surface, with its distinctive goblet carried by a waisted stem which dives effortlessly into the goblet. 

Manufactured in Germany, Stölzle's lead-free crystal combines performance, durability, and elegance for more clarity, brilliance, and safety than leaded glass.

Awards: POWER from Stölzle Lausitz was awarded the German Design Award 2018 and the Industrie Form iF Design Award 2018 for its outstanding design properties. Colored glasses: The outside of colored glasses is coated with organic color.


Contents in a nutshell:400ml
Weight approx.:186g
Mouth rim diameter:62mm
Base diameter:80mm


Dishwasher Safe

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